Briskly independent and gushingly intimate, Jordana‘s sophomore album Something to Say to You thrusts you head-first into the mind and world of its creator. Stepping outside of the bedroom-pop she’d so comfortably slipped into on her first album, the songs on Something to Say to You have grown with Jordana, their thematic breadth matching their bursting sonics.

And even when Jordana steps back into the grooves of some of her more bedroom-pop leaning tracks, like “Garanteed” and “Forgetter,” two lushly polished jams — her return to form is marked by an evident growth. There’s simply a hypnotic element to the way Jordana weaves her warm vocals into those soothing medleys of tangled guitars that never fails to tap into something sublime. But ultimately it’s the sheer expansiveness of the soundscape in Something to Say to You that leaves Jordana’s second album a standout and an endlessly playable LP.

From the driving indie-rock of its opening track, “I’ll Take It Boring,” a buzzing anthem delivered via a droning Jordana’s cataloging, to the cymbal-crashing and shredded percussion noise of the electronica-blistered “Hitman,” Something to Say to You never repeats itself and never really disappoints. Virtually every song is a highpoint, their genre-bending melodies and Jordana’s unique vocal set leaving each one fresh in your ear as the next one begins; like the distorted riffs on “Big,” with its jumpy rhythms and Sleigh Bells-esque tint, or “Far Away from You,” which echoes early 2000s breezy-pop.

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Then there’s the trio of songs, beginning with “Divine,” that navigates Jordana’s dealings with toxic men and the emotional duress they’ve caused her. “Fuck You,” a bouyant jam that delivers such a deliciously sweet catharsis in its chorus, aimed at these abusers and shitty men, all to the lush grooves of Jordana’s guitar.

And then there’s “Decline,” a spiraling, warbling anthem that relishes in the power of rejecting communication with toxic men, soundtracked aptly by dance-reading ryhthms. Ending on introspective slow burners “I Guess This is Life” and “Reason,” Jordana finds closure in a kind of epiphany moment, one that results in the realization that love and compassion for the people immediately around us are key to our own happiness.

Carried on the two lilting and hopeful ballads, interwoven by gentle piano twinkles, a surge of strings, and the soft coo of her guitar, Jordana ends Something to Say to You with an exhale of relief — having said exactly what needed to be said.

Something to Say to You is out now, you can order/listen to it here. Visit Jordana’s website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and announcements.

Listen to Jordana’ new LP ‘Something to Say to You’