New Single Featuring Torii Wolf, Deem Spencer & Young Saab Show Off East Coast & West Coast Collaboration

Artists Torii Wolf, Young Saab and Deem Spencer have collaborated to create the ultra moody, lo-fi stutter step single “shoulda coulda woulda.”

With an echoey and static sound, the song slinks along like the waning night, shape shifting with lyrics that can be interpreted in different ways. From the angst of things that did or did not go on in the night (never mind your intentions), youthful endeavors throw societal norms out the window.

”The lyrics for me on this tune have multiple meanings which is the case in most of the songs I write. ‘Leaving your light on for me’ ultimately meaning staying open minded to an alternative perspective without judgment or assumption based on what we are force fed societally,” noted Wolf. ”On the other side I had envisioned young love + lust; sneaking over to get fresh in the night and if the light is left on it is a go!

While the chorus was originally supposed to be the title of the song, Eric Zeiler and Jon Sandler, the duo that comprise of Young Saab, explained on Instagram how the song evolved over time.

“The song we put out today was initially called ‘leave your light on’, but over time we started to refer to it as ‘shoulda coulda woulda’,” noted Zeiler. “The original sentiment stuck around though. Jon snapped this photo out his window one night and it looked like what the song sounded like to us. sometimes that happens.”

Wolf, whose based in Los Angeles worked with Spencer & Young Saab who are located in Brooklyn. The musical influences of both cities reverberates throughout and is one of the few ways individuals are “traveling” safely during the pandemic.

““Shoulda Coulda Woulda” has been one of my favourite quarantine collaborations. Young Saab is a set of two brilliant creatures who live in Brooklyn,” Wolf noted. ”With Deem Spencer on the record it gives it all the more of a New York feel … One way I’ve been able to travel during this Pandemic has been to build a place I want to go from home and this song is New York for me.”

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Words: Patti Sanchez

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