Freedom Fry Flaunt New Single Sung in French

Freedom Fry Flaunt New Single Sung in French

Singing entirely in French for the first time, Los Angeles duo Freedom Fry released a teaser from their upcoming new album with the Euro-pop drenched single “Le Point Zéro.”

With an undeniably catchy beat and spacey vocals, the single shimmers along effortlessly like a disco ball reflecting light back down on the night’s dancers. Its light footed cadence draws you in and makes you feel like you’re on an upswing while the music video is trippy and dreamlike.


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““Le Point Zéro” is our first step into writing original music in Marie’s native language, French,” said Bruce Driscoll. ”It’s an upbeat, danceable pop song with a European edge. It’s about how when everything falls apart, we see it as a new opportunity to start again and rebuild from the ground up. To not view things as failures, but as new beginnings.”

Freedom Fry’s upcoming new album will be sung exclusively in French. Driscoll, along with his wife, Marie Seyrat, began writing music together about a decade ago, releasing quite a large number of singles and EPs and two albums.

With a catalog of music ranging from folk to indie-pop, Seyrat and Driscoll write, produce and create all supplemental material for their music. For more on their music, visit Freedom Fry’s website or follow them on social media.

Words: Patti Sanchez


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