Deqn Sue Casts Away a Scared Beau with New Single “Trickyman”

Deqn Sue Casts Away a Scared Beau with New Single “Trickyman”
Photo by Jeff Mendoza

How do you pursue a relationship while scared stiff? Deqn Sue knows all too well that you can’t. On her brand new single “Trickyman,” the Alabama-born and locally-based pop artist describes a relationship with a suitor who was too afraid to be vulnerable. The song sways like a ‘90s trip-hop deep-cut, with enough threatening energy to get rid of this man before her wounds grow deeper.

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“It’s a love story about lack of synchronicity and irrational fears that can keep us from experiencing great things.” – Deqn Sue

We know Deqn Sue as a playful alt-pop aficionado, and “Trickyman” shows us yet again the breadth of her talent. Deqn Sue’s voice adds to the air of unease, as if the song were a curse rather than a lament. But the real curse is fate, as she suggests over the bridge by invoking that dangerous phrase, “Of all the people in the world…” With her rich back catalog, she has earned a comparison to Prince, especially with the lick of guitar toward the end of the new track that feels inspired by the artist formerly-known-as.

The question that remains after the dust of this relationship has settled: was it a trick or was it simply fear? No one is ready for reconciliation on “Trickyman” but Deqn Sue’s clever lyrics are powerful enough to make us think beyond the present. Love led both parties to their own forms of regret, leaving us with the bittersweet: “I want you to know that I loved you/…that I cared/Now that you know, I hope it hurts/And every day it gets worse/For you” 

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by: Zoë Elaine


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