NINA HERZOG’s new EP Together Away tells a tender tale of love and all its stages

NINA HERZOG’s new EP Together Away tells a tender tale of love and all its stages
Nina Herzog / photo:Jay Gilbert

Stunning singer / songwriter NINA HERZOG unveils her enthralling EP Together Away. This sweeping release whirling with vibrant vintage sounds and soft serenades, allows listeners to gently float away. Through her silken tone and storied lyricism, the six-song EP touches on stirring subjects of intense love and loss.  As each carefully crafted song unfolds, you discover a new layer to her music that draws you deeper in. Capturing every level of romance from lust and longing to departure and separation, the singer reveals “I wanted to express the ways lovers and loved ones retain the sensation of being eternally present in each other’s lives, the ways in which humans are able to feel deeply connected – despite death or great distances.” 

Commencing with “Changing Seasons”, this poignant track is the perfect opener as you get all the feels straight away. This refined, jazz-infused tune reminds us that change is not a bad thing and we should embrace every season of our lives no matter what it brings. As she talks of melting snow, changing leaves and sunny California, you envision those images clear in your mind.


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“Lean Into Me” wraps you up with its comforting, light soundscapes and crisp, delicate vocals. Hanging on every word she sings, the offering relays a sweet sentiment of collapsing your walls to become vulnerable with someone. Most of us can relate to the idea of letting go and just baring it all despite our fear of intimacy. 

Closing with the cinematic “Lovers Lullaby”, HERZOG’s impassioned vocals soaring over simple piano melodies and striking strings create the ultimate finishing touch. Spinning around in a tornado of raw emotions, the haunting track lulls you to captivation. This Broadway-esque ballad pulls at your heartstrings with full force. Before you even know what hit you, you are already hooked.

NINA HERZOG catapulted into stardom, voicing Odette in Sony Animation’s “The Swan Princess” series. While studying music and voice at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, she began her journey as a session singer and voice actor, recording hundreds of demos and commercials. It is that ambitious dedication that has gotten her to the place she is today. You can hear that drive within Together Away as she has concocted a masterful EP with pure elegancy throughout.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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