Frankie & His Fingers Release Tongue and Cheek Song About The Balance of Being an Adult
photo credit: Roberto Hull / Carry-On Photo

Not wanting the kids to take themselves too seriously, Frankie & His Fingers deliver words of wisdom to all the tender youth transitioning into adulthood. In “Sad to Let You Down,” the band delivers an honest anti-pep talk via a delightfully 90s sounding tune. The new track lays out little bread crumbs of advice to those who think too much and don’t spend time in the present and is paired with an equally playful music video, the song captures a specific sentiment and vibe that helps its honest advice stick.


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“The track confronts the disappointments and consolations of adulthood,” says the bands front runner, Frank McGinnis. “It’s a song about the boundaries of self-reflection, the tricky line between healthy self-critique and indulgent neurosis. It started as a demo with a single guitar, vocal, and hand claps but was itching to become the jaunty number it is now.”

Based in the Hudson Valley, New York, the band was a local favorite but ended up going through a long hiatus and slow return as life called them in different directions. Staying close for nearly 2 decades, the band is now back in action and are gearing up for their new album, ‘Universal Hurt,’ out March 26 via SubFamily Records.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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