MYKKI BLANCO Releases First New Music of 2021 with “Free Ride”

MYKKI BLANCO Releases First New Music of 2021
 Single Art by Anna Degnbol + Matt Lambert

Releasing their first new music of the year, MYKKI BLANCO arrives with a beautifully orchestrated single “Free Ride” that is accompanied by a lively and equally luscious music video. “Free Ride” is a masterfully produced single with a big sound and upbeat melody. While some lyrics are inspired by the breakup of Blanco’s first long term relationship, “Free Ride” pulls from various sources including their childhood memories and musical inspirations.

“Some of the most intimate moments and conversations I have ever shared were with my mother on long drives in the Southern countryside when I was a teenager,” Blanco noted. ”The music that soundtracked these memories on our daily journeys was the stuff of my mother’s generation. I would find myself daydreaming, reflecting and envisioning the kind of life I would like to create for myself. These memories and the music of Luther Vandross were the first inspirations behind the creation of my new song “Free Ride.”


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In the music video, Blanco’s words come to life as people are seen celebrating and embracing each other in celebrations of life and family. These images form as an amalgam of Blanco’s desire to have a family as well as a reflection of his career.

“Seeing the first edit of this video was actually very emotional for me personally,” Blanco said. ”I’m at a place in my life now where I know I want to have a family of my own one day and that I have entered a more mature phase of my life where this is a kind of thing I think about now. And on a professional level, I know videos have been such a key part of my journey and this truly feels like a video which is showing the world something new from me.”

The video for “Free Ride” was directed by Hannah Rosselin, produced by DIVISION, and shot in Paris over two days last month with the participation of CNC. Overall, the imagery and upbeat music come together in a fantastic multimedia single. In addition to new music, Blanco has announced their signing to Transgressive Records.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on MYKKI BLANCO, follow Blanco on their Instagram or visit their website.


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