Hot Artist Alert: REI AMI is a playful pop artist with a dark side — New Single/Video “THAT’S ON YOU!”


South Korea born, Maryland raised singer REI AMI concocts soulful music with a gritty edge. A bubblegum pop persona with a dark side, her music bursts with attitude and seductive swagger. Her latest release “THAT’S ON YOU!” showcases that same bold charisma and sass. The song’s opening energetic rap sets the tone for this feisty tune. As the song goes on, her sound softens, but she never loses her spirited self-assurance. The singer reveals of the track: “‘THAT’S ON YOU!” is about recognizing your power again. It’s about being yourself to the fullest extent and if others don’t like it, then that’s their problem. I exist for myself and myself only. I refuse to dull myself down to make others comfortable. So if you don’t like me, baby that’s on you.”


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The video, directed by Kristen Jan Wong (Charli XCX, Nasty Cherry), displays REI AMI in a bounty hunting twosome and she ultimately becomes so fed up with her partner, she seeks revenge. The riveting visuals suck you in with its blood-red glow and fierce femme fatale vibes. 

REI AMI is fearless when it comes to unleashing her inner demons and that is seen throughout her work. Her moody, sinister style makes for masterful offerings that hook listeners in. Her name combines two characters from the popular anime series Sailor Moon. REI represents her gentle nature and AMI showcases her more intense, aggressive trait. She accepts both sides of herself and has melded those dueling qualities into her sound. She is not shy when it comes to speaking her mind and her confident music is a testament to that.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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