Premiere: YaSi’s Newest Music Video is A Chaotic Masterpiece for the Apocalyptic Age

Photo credit: Hillary Thomas

On the rise artist YaSi hits the nail on the head with blunt force honesty in her latest single “World is Burning.” The cerebral stimulating single comes with an equally tantalizing music video that encapsulates the universal angst and exhaustion from the last year of lock downs and a world pandemic. Converging on a few salient points about our species and how we get by in life, YaSi strings together with a delightful accuracy and pace, thought provoking and catchy lyrics – a delicate balance.

“The song was inspired by human’s egos, our vices, and how we cope. I think we all have a way of “getting high” to cope and it’s only intensified in this last year around the world,” YaSi notes. ”The contrast of tones with the lyrics and production is my way of being like, I’m great!!! we’re all fine!!! but everything around us is burning to the ground but it’s fine!! So I guess it comes down to this song is like that meme of the dog drinking coffee and everything’s on fire around him.“

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To match the tongue-in-cheek tone, YaSi’s music video is a startling mix of debachery and dilapidation as we see YaSi and another individual eat, drink, smoke, break stuff and just about anything else they can think of to distract from the troublesome times we’re all facing.

This creative process for this video was filled with a bit of…chaos (All pun intended stream coexist with chaos!!),” YaSi notes. ”But we had to shift around ideas, locations, and film dates because a huge blizzard was going to hit Denver the day we were planning to shoot. The director, Hillary Thomas, found this amazing house that was in the middle of getting remodeled (but it had heat!!) and found a way to allow us to film the day before the blizzard. Because our ideas had to keep changing with all the dates moving around, we all spoke the day before and we’re like let’s simplify it and go with what feels good. It’s a simple storyline of friends who are looking to do something that makes you forget about what’s happening around you. So let’s break shit, throw food at each other, and have as much fun as possible.” Hillary and the set designer, Eleanor, grabbed random stuff from Arc, Facebook Marketplace, and the side of the road and I bought some bubbles, food, and bats and we went for it.”

YaSi’s music video for “World Is Burning” comes out on the heels of her newest EP release, ’Coexist With Chaos’ via Royal Rhythm Recordings. In it, six cataclysmic pop songs touch on a multitude of human endeavors tinged in the shimmer from the glow of an electronic device on the fritz.

“To me this record is apopalyptic, pop music for the apocalypse,” shares YaSi on today’s release. “I wanted to cover the ways of how we all coexist with chaos, whether it’s in relationships or partying or self-doubt or looking at our past and ultimately questioning our existence in a chaotic world.”

Words: Patti Sanchez

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