Night Beats Release Fuzzy New Single “Revolution” along with a Psychologically Chilling New Music Video

With another single out, garage-psych band Night Beats continue to create crunchy, retro acid tinged singles that simultaneously take the band in new directions while utilizing the roots of their earlier, rawer sound. “Revolution” is the third single released from Night Beats upcoming LP, ‘Outlaw R&B.’ The new tune reverberates in the psyche, exploring the extreme narratives one can build in their mind.

“‘Revolution’ can take many forms,” noted the band’s frontman, Danny Lee Blackwell. ”I wanted to explore the different dimensions of the word and how it plays out in our minds. From bliss inducing self-liberation to the false consciousness of a serial killer, ‘Revolution’ is a profound ability of our minds.

Accompanying the single is a psychological music video where a deranged loner comes to terms with the mental instability of his mind. A warm tinge radiates through technicolor shots of a vintage looking automobile, our killer at the driver’s wheel and a trapped victim in the trunk. The slow moving music video and raw single make for a chilling image.


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“The song takes new meanings through the video,T” Blackwell notes, who also self-directed the video with Chris Maciel. “The character is clearly conflicted, troubled over what he’s done or is about to do. But the process or revolution in his mind has brought him to this parking lot, while his prey remains trapped in the trunk of his green 71′ Chevelle.”

‘Outlaw R&B’ drops June 4 via London-based Fuzz Club Records. While “Revolution” and other recently released singles, denote a crunchy, fuzzy psychedelic sound, Night Beat’s fifth installment will also feature some Eastern-influenced sounds, pulling from Blackwell’s Indian roots.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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