The Marías
The Marías—Photo by Ashley Seryn

Los Angeles-based The Marías have finally announced their debut album Cinema and have dropped alongside a new single titled “Hush.” A woozy, bass-heavy, and impeccably intoxicating track, “Hush” thumps forward on The Marías penchant for concussive beats tempered by the lucidly alluring murmurs of María Zardoya. Josh Conway, drummer and María’s partner, joins in on the vocals on the song’s second half his buzzing voice distorted by the heady electronics and bass on the song and as always its the chemistry between the couple that ignites something within their music.

The more prominent electronica that courses through the song’s melodies marks a departure from the band’s love of quieter bedroom-pop intimacies, but the song still carries all their characteristically suave, lush, and sensual atmospherics with it. The new single will be part of The Marías much anticipated debut album Cinema, their first full-length release that follows the release of their Superclean Vol. I & II EPs released a few years ago. The band released a trailer for the album which you can view below.

“The Marías were born from cinema,” says María. “The reason Josh and I started writing music together was because of cinema. Through a friend, we were connected to a music supervisor who would send us requests for music for films. We’d receive a synopsis of a scene, and then we’d have to write music to it within a couple of days. Not only did that teach us how to write songs together fairly quickly, it taught us how to think like filmmakers. We’d imagine worlds in our minds based on the synopses – the colors in the scene, the lighting, the actors, the set design, and of course, the music.”

The Marías new album Cinema is out June 25 via Nice Life and Atlantic, pre-order it here. Stay updated on future releases and announcements by visiting their website and Instagram.

Listen to The Marías new single “Hush” below!