Olivia Morreale transports us with tranquil vibes

Enchanting artist and producer, Olivia Morreale unveils her laid-back release “Another Moon.” This slowed-down celestial treasure drips through our ears with rich R&B vocals and buttery, atmospheric beats. Carrying listeners to a soft, wistful place, the track is that perfect escape from the ordinary. The Los Angeles-based singer reveals “‘Another Moon’ is all about escapism in both the physical and emotional sense. I wanted to portray the joy and fun that comes with imagining how things might look and feel in a completely different dream world.” The single is from Morreale’s upcoming EP Space Dreams where she collaborated with her friend Eli Kosoff (producer & songwriter).

The New York native developed an adoration for Jazz music from a young age. Growing up listening to icons such as Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, that musical education has shaped the kind of sound she displays today. “Another Moon” possesses that same radiant retro quality. With a hypnotizing hybrid of chillwave, jazz and soul, Morreale concocts a dreamy, textured sound. Her warmth is felt through each of her inviting tunes, calling you closer in. Get hooked on “Another Moon” and float to a new dimension.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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