Bahari untangle heartbreak, loss, mental health on “Forget You” EP


With the release of their Forget You EP Los Angeles duo Bahari continues to create a niche for themselves with their brand of expansive alt-pop, with the five-song collection revealing an even sharper and more affecting intimacy in their songwriting and soundscape molding. Comprised of Ruby Carr, a singer/keyboardist who hails from Lamu an island off the coast of Kenya, and singer/bassist Natalia Panzarella, Nashville born but Southern California raised, Bahari is a collision and melding of many different experiences and influences. On Forget You the duo get introspective with their dark, cavernous beats opening the EP with the bittersweet and bitting confessional that is its titular track — a song that combines concussive beats with the duo’s heartwrenching and piercing vocals.


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“Savage,” which sees the duo manifesting total control over their lovers in a fantastic reversal of power, one that rapper BIA jumps on for a few bars; while on “Bipolar” the duo go from their entrancing, electronica-fueled pop to a broken ballad that oscillates in its raw vulnerability between a complex and confusing swirl of emotions (“Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you” Bahari croon). “Jackie Kennedy,” the EP’s closing track, is a crescendo moody piano keys and a lyricism that untangles all the previous songs’ dealings with heartbreak, loss, and mental health into one strand. Bemoaning and regretful but lucid, the track’s hauntingly beautiful medley stays with you more so than the EP’s earlier hook-filled pop pieces — an auspicious sign of Bahari’s earnestly sincere songwriting.


“We wanted to make a body of music that we felt was our truest selves. The writing process was incredibly honest. We wanted to open up about things we have gone through. The past year, we have spent so much time reflecting and writing from our hearts; these songs really embody that. Though these songs have different meanings, whether about a heartbreak, loss of a loved one or dealing with mental health, the vulnerability of each song is really what brings the Forget You EP together as a collection.”

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Listen to Bahari’s Forget You EP below!

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