CHIIILD and Jensen Mcrae team-up on vibrant alt-pop rework of "Gone"

Montreal-born, LA-based Chiiild‘s has shared a vibrant new rework of a previous single “Gone” featuring fellow rising-star Jensen Mcrae. While the original relied on Chiiild’s brooding but soothing murmurs to fill the spacious and lilting soundscape, the new rework fills that space with a driving melody of lush alt-pop powered by Mcrae’s envigorating opening vocals. But it is the entanglement of Mcrae’s piercing crooning and Chiiild’s soft-spoken cries that flesh out this version of “Gone,” especially since the themes of the song function better as a dialogue between two people.


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“You’ve got your stories and I’ve got mine,” Chiiild whispers just before the track rushes into its ecstatic chorus, one made that much more sublime by the duo’s harmonies. The music video and original version made “Gone” more of a melancholic introspection but alongside Mcrae’s soft trills the single grows out of the narrow vision of one person’s perspective and into something much more multifaceted.

Both Chiiild and Mcrae have rightfully earned the high anticipation that surrounds the release of their respective debut albums — both slated for release this year. Mcrae’s album doesn’t yet have a release date but Chiiild’s debut Hope for Sale is out July 23 via Avant Garden.

“I was so excited when I got connected with Chiiild for this collab. He has such a special, rich voice and his music exists at the nexus of multiple genres I love,” Jensen said of the collaboration. “As soon as I heard the first version of ‘Gone’ I had so many ideas — the themes of miscommunication and emotional distance are things that I think a lot of people can relate to but don’t want to admit it. It was such a thrill to hear it all come together. I don’t have any music by myself that sounds like this and I can’t wait for people to dive into it — it’s a perfect song for the summer.”

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Listen to Chiiild’s song featuring Jensen Mcrae “Gone” below!

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