Izza tries to escape from LA on new single "LAX to JFK"

LA-native and pop singer/songwriter Izza has unveiled another single with the release of “LAX to JFK,” a bass-shuddering new track about jumping on a plane to escape the pitfalls of Hollywood culture and materialism. Drawing on her experiences growing up in Los Angeles, Izza calls attention to her feelings of displacement in a social group and world that seemed to always be wearing rose-colored glasses. Underneath the track’s raw electronica and moody atmospherics, Izza lets the melancholy drip from her potent murmurs but she also isn’t afraid to pine for something more.

“LAX to JFK” isn’t just about escapism, although it is a poignant anthem for it, but a sincere plea for something more than just the glorification of pristine images and a glamorization of impossible ideals. Pulsating as a part of the song’s thrumming beats is Izza’s anxiousness about feeling disconnected from the people around her, as well as her dreams of creating some distance from the drama that can distract from the things that really matter.

“My songs are about my experiences with heartbreak, friendships, and standing up for myself. As a woman, I would find myself trying to please people or be quiet because it was the ‘polite thing to do.’ Writing songs became my outlet to have a voice and say what I wanted to say,” Izza said of her music. “I want my music to be a model for people that you can say whatever you want to say without censoring your thoughts or ideas to please others. Being vulnerable is the most liberating feeling. With my music, I am able to express my true feelings and be my most authentic self.”

Listen to Izza’s new single “LAX to JFK” below!

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