For musician Will Jay, the process of aging is not as scary as seeing those he loves get older, especially his own parents. Opening up and exploring that vulnerable space where a child comes to terms with the fragility of their parents lives, Jay pens the beautifully sincere “Please Don’t Get Any Older.”

Feeling the sudden heartbreak of coming to terms with his parents’ mortality, Jay reflects on the bittersweet “firsts” in his life where simple requests from his parents denote a larger life change. While there is a modest simplicity to his lyrics, they provide remarkable scope on this tough subject and are set upon a beautifully orchestrated pop backdrop.

Blending an elegant piano intro with a dreamy pop overlay, “Please Don’t Get Any Older” builds slowly with little sounds that reverberate here and there. As each musical element rumbles, Jay’s harmonious vocals crest over the instrumentals like waves gently rolling over the shore to come together in a captivating crescendo.


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Though the transitions that happen as a young adult are nerve-racking on their own, there is a certain pain at transcending a certain point in your life where you realize you’re no longer looking up at your parents, but rather, you’re having to look back as the years wear on them. Suddenly they’re asking you for help and all these worries flood in unannounced as we are reminded that our lives on earth are finite. Despite feeling a sense of helplessness at our inability to get around this natural ending, opening up and confronting these feelings gives an individual the opportunity to find value in life and make it meaningful for themselves and others.

“My dad has had some health issues over the last few years,” notes Will. “Witnessing the most capable and strong person I know be slowed down in any way is terrifying and hard to believe. I hope this song brings people comfort knowing that none of us can avoid that part of life and we have to fully appreciate the time we have with those we love.”

Jay perfectly captures this vulnerability with his single and shares his fears as well as wisdom with others. “Please Don’t Get Any Older” comes out after Jay’s recent pairing with Repost by SoundCloud to release his music.

“It’s been just me and my manager fighting to get my music heard, so to have the Repost team advocating for me is so affirming and means the world,” says Jay.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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