Tapping into the fruitful angst of youth and relationships, local band Jacklen Ro capture a sense of listless intentions and wishful thinking with their new single “Forget It All.” A little punk and a little indie, the song jumps out of your headphones with a frantic energy and a crooning punk yelp.


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Quirky and a little offbeat, the single is both vulnerable and aloof with lyrics that identify issues within a relationship without knowing how to solve them or get past them. “Forget It All” is a strung out confession of a person caught in a relationship that doesn’t seem to go anywhere while also never coming to an end; it’s a hamster wheel of emotion crescendoing into an honest exclamation set to a plucky tune.

With a debut EP that dropped earlier this year, Jacklen Ro are a homegrown duo with a lot on their mind and a can-do attitude. They will be playing several Southern California shows in August including a stop in Culver City on Aug. 22 at Tom Bergin’s Pub at 4 p.m., The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa on Aug. 23 and the Til Two Club on Aug. 24 in San Diego.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more information on Jacklen Ro, make sure to follow them on Instagram.

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