Bronsen Vida

Combining a little bit of everything and pressing it through a fine strainer, Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist Bronsen Vidas has steadily been releasing laid back, funky r&b and jazz inspired tunes over the past few years. His most recent single, “Killing Time” focuses on the satisfying and understated sense of contentment one can feel in life, especially in the absence of a busy day or full agenda.

“Killing Time is a bright, funky tune I wrote about days when you have nothing to do and how these days are worth treasuring,” notes Bronsen.

With an underlying 90s r&b beat and a smooth melody, the single is light and airy, opening with a jazzy piano and snappy drums. Bronsen’s lustrous vocals come in easy to ride silky instrumentals and a soft backbeat that coasts along at a pleasant speed. With nothing to do or to worry about, Bronsen leans into the joy and freedom felt by being uninhibited and non-adherent to anyone’s schedule or demands.


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With five singles released this year alongside a live album featuring performance versions of eight of his tunes, Bronsen is creating a mosaic snapshot of his abilities as a smooth, tender hearted instrumentalist and vocalist. His music thus far has focused on the small, salient moments found in our individual lives, like with “Killing Time,” and on those glimmers of romance we find within ourselves and others.

The latter theme of love is delightfully distilled in many of Bronsen’s work including, “Chamomile,” his first single release of the year. In “Chamomile,” serenading lyrics and strong feelings meet a breezy groove driven by a funky bass and backbeat. Comparing his romantic interest to all the best benefits teas and other beverages have to offer, Bronsen concocts an all too sweet comparison between botanical brews and the bewitching nature of love.

Whether focusing on the minutiae or the sparks of romance, Bronsen brings a thoughtfulness to his lyrics and a softness to his delivery, cultivating an easy listening discography. Through it all, Bronsen’s music sounds unrelentingly cool, even when his songs ruminate on love gone wrong or stressful moments in life. On top of a distinct musical prowess, Bronsen’s infectious smile and glowing energy helps to ground his music in a truly personable way.

Raised by his grandparents and his mom, Bronsen grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and began playing music at the young age of 8, receiving first a bass guitar from his mother, a bartender and factory worker. At age 11, he switched to playing guitar and was initially influenced by the beachside concerts he and his mom would attend. From these experiences, Bronsen honed an eclectic and diverse skill set, taking inspiration from his wide music interests.

With a hands-on approach to his music, Bronsen has developed a 360-view on music by involving himself in every aspect of the music making process from playing in many bands, serving both as a jazz guitarist and lounge pianist to finally getting into music production in college. In the few years he’s been releasing music, Bronsen’s work shows a progression in sound, skills as a songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. And, his recent performances post lockdowns have added to his momentum this year.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Bronsen Vidas, make sure to visit his website and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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