Sonorous and bright, Alex E.T. makes her debut on "The Ashes"
Photo by Wes Johansen

There is an intoxicating world compelled into existence on The Ashes, the debut album from L.A.-based songwriter/guitarist Alexandra Elaine Tapié (aka Alex E.T.). Laid to rest within the haunting mis-en-scène of her folk-rock emulsions is a tender lyricism that broils with feelings of isolation, especially as the result of change. Created out of the culmination of three years of D.I.Y. recording sessions –which took place everywhere from living rooms and vacant storefronts to garages, garden sheds, and even bedroom closets — the songs on The Ashes reflect the personal growths that were necessitated by the things Alex was experiencing. 


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On singles “Hollow Man” and “Magic Misery,” two songs we featured on our best new songs of the month playlist, Alex E.T. wields a potent ode to 60s psychedelia in their dusty, guitar-glowing medleys. But they also underscore that it’s out of places of sadness and loneliness that often spur opportunities for both an appreciation of and a hope for a chance at connection. “Trouble,” with its dreamy, bemoaning riffs burning like a slow fuse against Alex’s forlorn pleas, punctuates that desire for help; while the fuzzy textures of “Wild as the Seasons” proclaims some triumph in accepting the tumultuous and changing nature of who we are as people.

Brightly sonorous, armed with a lyrical touch that pulls delicately but unyielding at the heartstrings, The Ashes is a vibrant and affecting introduction into the environs that exist in Alex E.T.’s reservoir of sound and emotion.

The Ashes is out now. Visit Alex E.T.’s website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Alex E.T.’s debut album The Ashes below!

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