Saweetie at Head in the Clouds by Steven Ward
Saweetie at Head in the Clouds by Steven Ward

Saweetie is back with the bass thumping “Icy Chain,” another sharp-as-diamonds hit from the rap-glam icon. Armed with her unstoppable flow and brutalizing beats, the new track is filled with hallmarks of the rapper’s innate bravado. To top it all off with a full blown icy season, the rising rap star was just earned two Grammy® nominations for “Best New Artist” and “Best Rap Song.” 

Saweetie excitedly shared, “I’m speechless! I wish I had the words to express how I feel right now. I’m just so grateful! Being acknowledged for all of the hard work that me and my team have been doing feels AMAZING. Thank you to Team Icy for sticking with me through thick and thin! What an exciting morning! IKDR!!”


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On “Icy Chain,” rigid beats resound alongside the rapper’s lightning fast and biting bars as Saweetie lets loose with this party-starting track (“Bitch, Saweetie had me lit off the Henny last night,” she spits at its opening).

When Saweetie aims the microphone no one is safe, and on “Icy Chain” she delivers her chill rhyme after rhyme at everyone in her path. Haters, men caught in their feelings, anyone not on her level, Saweetie stresses her emphatic confidence as she raps: “I’m starting to think you can’t handle me.” Concussive and ferocious, “Icy Chain” sees Saweetie flexing both her sass and determination to not slow down for anyone.

Coming off a headlining performance at Head in the Clouds festival in Pasadena, CA, Saweetie is riding high as a rising icon in rap and fashion. “Icy Chain” follows the release of her monumental collaboration with Doja Cat on “Best Friend,” as well as the release of her Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1, all of which are seminal bangers that only further ignite Saweetie’s fiery rising-star.

Catch Saweetie live in Los Angeles on Dec. 3 at The Forum for 102.7 KISSFM’s Jingle Ball. Visit Saweetie’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and announcements.

Listen to Saweetie’s new single “Icy Chain” below!

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