Fiji Blue say "Goodbye" to summer's love on wintery ballad

On their heartwrenching new single “Goodbye,” L.A. duo Fiji Blue temporarily set aside the lush kinetics of their chill-house sound in favor of the forlorn ballad. Comprised of Trevor Dering and Valentin Fritz, the new Fiji Blue track comes as the cherry atop their new EP Goodbye which also includes a handful of other stellar singles that capitalize on their dreamy summer jammers.


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Opening as a yearnful, piano-driven twinkler, “Goodbye” still brings all of Fiji Blue’s trademark tones. From glowing guitar lines and the slow-burn crescendo of electronic beats “Goodbye” is the kind of blue-hearted track that you bump to pine over the long-gone warmth of summer — or an extinguished love.

The music video for the song perfectly captures its wintery melancholy, opening on the dup playing under the chandelier-light of a red-curtained stage. As the drums kick in, the duo moves into the empty seating area where clothes sit eerily over the empty spots and a stunning couple takes the stage to twirl under the lights. The video conjures up all the wistful longing over the memory of a past love, and on “Goodbye” Fiji Blue captures that bittersweetness wholly. And with plans for releasing a second EP in the works, the duo is poised to unveil further glimpses into their growing sound.

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Watch the video for Fiji Blue’s new single “Goodbye” below!

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