yeule teases new album Glitch Princess with new dance track “Too Dead Inside”

yeule teases new album Glitch Princess with new dance track "Too Dead Inside"
Photo by Ethan Lai 

With the imminent release of their second album Glitch Princess next month, yeule has unveiled another of its dark electronic incantations with the new single “Too Dead Inside.” Produced alongside Danny L. Harle, the song mingles yeule’s gripping lyricism with exuberant jungle beats to create a dance track that’s hauntingly compelling. On “Too Dead Inside” yeule contends with the numbness that can take over you after a traumatic incident, especially as a means to cope. While the song’s title and chorus work as a sort of mantra that underscores the lengths we go to erase ourselves emotionally on the inside.


Nat Ćmiel is the non-binary painter, musician, performance artist, and self-proclaimed cyborg entity behind yeule. Since the release of their debut self-titled EP and album Serotonin II they’ve cultivated a genre-specific style known as glitch and distortion. Their soundscapes are aural worlds incredibly sprawling, the looped end of every pulsating beat and ethereal synth hiding another portal into another bar of their plugged-in wonderland. And the vividness doesn’t end with their music. With their music videos revealing just as much of their aesthete traits, like the cyborg-tastic “Pixel Affection.”

And Glitch Princess promises to be another rapturous experience, one that will see yeule facing down their experiences with sobriety and channeling what was once chaotic and damaging energy into something cathartic. Previously released singles “Don’t Be So Hard on Your Own Beauty” and the spookily enthralling “Friendly Machine” are must-listens that have only left us begging for more.


“Some days I find myself having little to no reaction to things that happen, good or bad. It’s as though I just close off from everything. I might as well be a ghost. I’m watching everything from above, detached from reality. I watched someone die before, and they really wanted to live,” yeule said of the single. “A lot of the time, we like to say we’re dead inside. I think it’s the way we cope, because it’s just too familiar and too convenient to be absent. I think I always had a lust for life despite romanticizing death often. When something happens to you that leaves an imprint, a deep scar, it takes the reaction threshold of emotion away. On some glimmering days, I see it come back. And when beautiful things happen, it can be very beautiful. Just like how ugly it can be.”

yeule’s new album Glitch Princess is out February 4, preorder it here. They will also be playing The Echo in Los Angeles on July 23 and July 24. Visit yeule’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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