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It’s high time Los Angeles grit-pop duo ill Peach was on your radar. Comprised of the talents of Jess Corazza and Pat Morrissey, the project came together after the two met in the aftermath of major moments for the two artists. For Corazza, they realized they wouldn’t be able to support herself as a cowgirl, and Morrissey discovered themselves burnt out as a competitive tap dancer. It was a perfect tempest that led them to move together to New York and then Los Angeles, while also providing the stories that would make up their debut EP EXCUSE US WHILE WE FIND OUR MINDS.


It’s that EP that made 2021 the year of the Peach. Aggressively vibrant sonics burst from its four tracks, led by the somber cascades of opener “GUM” and perfected on the resounding pep of “WILDFIRE.” From there, ill Peach went and ended the year by sharing one final single in the form of the woozily swaying beats that ebb alongside Corazza’s piercing trill on “DANDELION.” Wielding their gritty and raw pop sentiments and casting them into gushingly disruptive but alluring soundscapes, every new ill Peach offering expands their already multifaceted sound in contorted ways. And their music videos, like the one for “WILDFIRE” or “GUM,” are zany trips in their own right that see the two artists approaching their earnest songs from different angles. Without a doubt ill Peach is poised for an eccentric and captivating debut album and we’re looking forward to diving into a full-album constructed around the weird bliss they wear so deliriously on their sleeves.

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