Hot Band Alert: Get hooked to the vintage delirium and woozy twang of Fast Color's debut EP

Wailing and clamorous, if the debut EP of Los Angeles’ Fast Color is a sign of things to come, then their inevitable debut album is poised to be one of the best rock albums of the year. Fueled by a love for no-frills, analog rock that’s drawn inspiration from The Kinks to Crazy Horse-era Neil Young, the trio of Kelly Larkin, Sean Doherty, and Aaron Frankl has nestled themselves into a sublime niche of rollicking guitar drivers.

Opening track “Jimmy Red” is the EP’s enthralling hook, lulling you into Fast Color’s winding tumble of riffs, ecstatic percussion, and Larkin’s droning howls. By the end of their first song, you’re already hooked to the vintage delirium and woozy twang of their raw love songs.

From there it’s all grumbling guitars spiraling on songs like the heartsick “Ginger Baker,” or the dreamy-wailer “Casanova Beat,” which points to the band’s affinity for Mac Demarco. Armed with their potently riveting melodies and Larkin’s exhilarating vocals — a hoarse, waveringly deadpan and rousing yowl, not unlike Courtney Barnett‘s — Fast Color’s first EP is saturated in their rambunctious textures and sentiments. Even on its subdued ending, the meandering “Birds and Bees,” the trio find space to soothe into existence an arduous joy.

In the language of their vociferous rock Fast Color have made their imminent mark and that’s just with four songs, the band’s “honeymoon phase” as Larkin describes it. Now the band has plans to release a new single sometime in March and their full-length debut this summer, not to mention shows for the Los Angeles area.

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Listen to Fast Color’s debut EP below!