Hot Band Alert: LA newcomers Head Cut share blistering debut single “Insect Secret”

LA newcomers Head Cut share blistering debut single "Insect Secret"
Photo by Julian Splies

Rambunctious punk newcomers Head Cut have staged an explosive introduction with the debut of their blistering single “Insect Secret.” Imbued with all manner of delirious-danceable rock, from the breathless blitz of dueling guitars to thunderously collapsing percussion, the track is just a first taste of the band’s intense sonic palette. A full course is on the way — their nine-track debut album is slated for a summer or fall release.


“Insect Secret,” with its rabid wailing and merciless propulsion of emotion, cues you into Head Cut’s revitalizing post-punk ethos. “Waiting for a metamorphosis / One year’s time as a chrysalis,” singer Sasha howls against each crushing wave of electrifying riffs. Meteoric and earnest the song rages in favor of this long-awaited return of sorts, yearning for it in the hopes it might transform the bleak into the hopeful. It’s clear from “Insect Secret” that the band’s lyricism is as evidently rapturous as their music.


Based in Los Angeles, Head Cut is comprised of members Sasha (vocals), Seth (guitar), Oscar (bass), and John (drums). All of whom were previous members of bands like Detoxi, Massenger, Catholic Spit, The Fucking Wrath, Sweet Reaper, Stalag 13, and Stop Breathing — Head Cut relies a lot on the influences of each member. Their shared interests might coalesce beautifully in the creation of their dark and raw melodies, but the band is also all the more potent for their variations. As they combine British post-punk with SoCal’s own punk identity, made all the more emphatic given some Head Cut songs are sung in Spanish as well as English.

Listen to Head Cut’s new single “Insect Secret”


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