Loud Forest Drop Heartfelt New Single ”Easy to Love” With New Album On the Way

Los Angeles based duo Loud Forest have dropped their latest single, ”Easy To Love,” and like the track title, it is potentially your new favorite love song. Their second single off their upcoming album, Family Tree, “Easy to Love” is an indie-folk delight. Soft, lyrical and with a folksy, cosmic country twist, ”Easy To Love” is an open confessional about what it means to soften your heart and trust someone enough to let them in.


Sometimes an individual grows up and never learns how to be vulnerable. On the contrary, they end up having to grow up fast or create coping mechanisms that always keeps others at arm’s length, and it becomes much too easy to disassociate. But, when you find someone stubborn enough, or bold enough, to keep coming back, the walls built high eventually start to come down. These are the subtle, but substantial moments Loud Forest capture in their new track; the meaningful changes that are only visible if you’re really paying attention to someone.

Written and performed by husband and wife, Bernard and Rachel Chadwick, Loud Forest capture a sense of progression both internally and externally, noting it’s not always easy to love or to continue being vulnerable, but when you’ve found the right person, it’s never impossible to keep trying. And along the way, both give and take what they need.


“I’ve spent a lot of years with a hard heart, trying to be strong and power through,” notes Rachel. “Through my own journey of motherhood and growing, therapy and working through love, I’ve had to really do the hard work of mending this hard heart, learning to listen and let my heart guide how I think and feel. This is not an easy road, but it’s been the best and most beautiful path to working toward a tender heart.”

Prior to ”Easy to Love,” the band released “I Don’t Want to Go Home,” an upbeat, glittery, indie-rock track set to a danceable tempo and electro undertones. The contrast in their two singles denote a breadth of talent, influence and craftsmanship for capturing moods, sentiments and poignant subject matter in their music.

Releasing music in a true indie fashion, Loud Forest have for years, done the groundwork of experimenting with their sound, self-releasing tracks, recording on homemade microphones and hosting rock shows in their studio and workspace.

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Together, the couple have amassed an organic fanbase, remaining open and raw along the way. Drawing inspiration not just from each other — finding new reasons to love and push each other after 17 years of marriage — but from their two daughters as well, their music centers heavily on the concepts of love, fidelity and family. With Family Tree, written and recorded during the pandemic, set to drop in May, Loud Forest remain steadfast in their process, reaping the fruits of their labor in more ways than just musically.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Loud Forest, make sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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