FIME celebrate a return to live shows with single/video “White Collar Gold”

Photo by Anna Bouchard

Los Angeles rockers FIME are back — not just with a stellar single/video — but also with an announcement for their debut album Sweeter Memory which will arrive this July. The new single, “White Collar Gold,” brings all the band’s standout talents together into a slow-burning but emphatic rager. There are sufficiently fuzzy riffs and clamorous drums, while all four members — Beto Brakmo, Maxine Garcia, Eric Promani, and Scott Leahy — can be heard earnestly giving their best wails as it all comes crashing down.

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“White Collar Gold,” with its post-hardcore chorus and noisy anthemics, signals the kind of rambunctiousness fans are in store for with Sweeter Memory. The video for the new single, directed by Hailey Ruffner, was shot inside Highland Park’s Offbeat Bar before it was opened to the public. There’s no small nostalgia in the vintage glow of the bar’s lights as Brakmo makes his way into the venue, looking incredibly regal in his Mariachi suit.

Sitting at the bar — the other members of the band scattered around — they start to slowly come together as the song starts to intensify. Eventually, the entire bar is raging, an obvious nod to the catharsis of live shows after two years of absence, and we even see Brakmo outside riffing his guitar to one solitary audience member jamming to his music. The music video for “White Collar Gold” nails the kind of soul-surging feelings we all seek to feel when in the midst of such music. And if you’re looking for more FIME to listen to they released a single last year “Born 2 Love” and their debut Sprawl EP in 2019!

“But personally, I think what I was the most excited about was my mariachi suit (charo),” Brakmo said. “When I was a kid growing up in Mexico, I always saw Mariachi wearing these beautiful suits and I thought, ‘that’s what real musicians wear!’ So when I finally had an excuse to buy one, I hopped on that idea.”

FIME’s debut album Sweeter Memory is out July 1 via Forged Artifacts, pre-order it here. Visit FIME’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Watch the video for FIME’s new single “White Collar Gold” below!

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