Milli Drops Delicious New Single ”Mango Sticky Rice”

Milli 2022

Thai artist Milli has dropped her newest single ”Mango Sticky Rice.” At just a minute and a half long, “Mango Sticky Rice” packs quite a punch. Its hypnotic, lightning quick pace is relentless and very punk, with layering electronic sounds racing to keep up with Milli’s spitfire lyrics.


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Playful and on point, the lyrics range from sarcastic and witty to genuinely cute and heartfelt. From dumping her boyfriend because he was too sticky, making fun of herself, to using the same adjective to describe the bond and closeness of her family, Milli uses the delectable Thai dessert as a vehicle to say so much more.


Her performance of the song during this year’s Coachella music festival went viral partially due to the fact that Milli took a break between lyrics to eat a few bites of mango sticky rice. It also marks her being the first Thai solo artist to grace the Coachella stages. Using food to share her culture, and sheer spunk to stand out even among the many artists who performed at Coachella, Milli hits a resonating chord in fans’ hearts and stomachs.

Words: Patti Sanchez

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