Valleygirl reveals debut single with euphoric heartbreak anthem “glitterheart”


Valleygirl is the project of San Fernando Valley queer actor and singer/songwriter Max Sheldon, serving as an outlet for his bombastic neo-disco and buoyant pop sensibilities. His new single “glitterheart” is a euphoric manifesto of the kind of illustrious beauty that valleygirl lets burst from his dance-ready hurricanes. Amidst budding bass and shimmering synth-showers, the song is Sheldon’s attempt to supernova his way out of heartbreak.


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The surging anthemics of “glitterheart” betray the fact that this is valleygirl’s first offering, yet the song’s acute thrills reveal his talent for making incredible pop hooks. The lyric video for the song — opening with a shot of a sparkling disco ball and home video production — captures the melancholy that comes with any break-up. Symbolizing the way you might replay memories in your head after it’s all ended.


But as the shots cut to just Sheldon dancing alone, the song’s triumphant finale kicks in: “Cause this is the sweetest part / When you remember who the fuck you are.” It’s a message central to valleygirl’s music, that there is strength to be found in moving through your darkest moments, and shame only dims your light.

Listen to Valleygirl’s new single “glitterheart” below!

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