Beyond LA: Lucy Daydream — Purveyors of distinctly enrapturing psych-pop

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Lucy Daydream hail from Denver and are the creation of songwriters Paige Duché and Ross Ryan. Purveyors of distinctly enrapturing psych-pop, their most recent single “Cruel” is a sultry slow-burner that oozes with all those lovelorn feels.


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But the track that first got us a tad obsessed with the duo was Lucy Daydream’s March 2022 single “Drippy,” a delicious introduction to the band’s stirring and frenetic sound. The track rolls with a smooth electro backbone, stirred thick with infectious beats. Duché’s dulcet vocals lead the way down the wormhole while Ross’ dizzying guitar build catapults you into a state of frenzied bliss.

Lucy Daydream’s debut album Awake & Dreaming is also worth a deep dive, while the hilariously titled and electronically wondrous Infinite Quest For the Rainbow Butthole is another to lose yourself in. “A Brief Introduction” and “Romeo & Julie” (feat. Curci) are a must listen but the entire album is a kinetic splendor.


Lucy Daydream have a new album underway titled Dream Machine. The album is set for release Sept. 9, 2022 and you can pre-save it here. While there are no Los Angeles tour dates scheduled yet, we’re hoping this new album brings them on tour where we can see the duo in all of their live splendor. For now, Lucy Daydream has a hometown (Denver) show scheduled for Sept. 10.

Keep up with Lucy Daydream via Insta and Twitter.

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