Cowboy Destroy Release Tempting New Single “Married Mercy”

Cowboy Destroy 2022
Cowboy Destroy — Photo Credit: Don Marcelo

Four-piece Los Angeles based band Cowboy Destroy have dropped a new single “Married Mercy,” a moody, slow-paced sleeper with layered instrumentals that shift like tectonic plates rumbling right below the surface.

“This song is about flirting with adultery, and the internal struggle of attraction within monogamy,” notes the band. “The voice in the song is the internal monologue and fight you have with yourself. Also, I like flirting with the idea that mothers are sexy. The idea of the MILF is real.”


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It’s central theme of intrigued romance, no matter how doomed or forbidden it may be, shifts subtly and bubbles with sticky thoughts and emotions. Overlaid by muffled and growling vocals, and with lyrics that focus on flirtation and attraction just for the hell of it, “Married Mercy” is right on par with the band’s slop pop sound and asymmetrical approach to making music. Echoey, atmospheric and unhurried, the new single is grunge tinged and distorted with fuzzy overlays.


Cowboy Destroy came to L.A. by way of Texas. Many band members also dabble in the film and creative world and come together to make interesting, fuzzy and weird tunes, and play explosive, live shows. Garage rock, 90s vibes, crunchy alt-rock, messy glitter stained pop and more can all be found bubbling within the brew of Cowboy Destroy’s music with more tunes and performances to come this year.

“We tell folk stories with garage grooves and lofi in-your-face growl,” notes the band. ”Saddle up for powerful vocals and a mix of 90s vibes. Are you ready for jokes with a dash of darkness? Then ride shotgun on this psychedelic trip of queer empowering garage rock, specializing in songs about sex, drugs, and broken hearts.”

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Cowboy Destroy, make sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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