Sugi Dakks New Single “Normal Sucks” is a Rousing Misfit Anthem

Sugi Dakks 2022
Sugi Dakks – Photo Credit: Andi Elloway

Ushering in a state of non-conformity, L.A.-based artist, Sugi Dakks hits a home run for the misfits with his new single “Normal Sucks.” Combining hard hitting rap beats with an unconventional production, “Normal Sucks” let’s loose and makes you want to dance like no one is watching. The new single comes as a celebration of the unconventional individual and a push to make life what you want it to be, not what others tell you it is.


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Encouraging people to be themselves, regardless of peer pressure or social norms, Sugi Dakks layers spitfire rapping atop a rowdy melody. Embedding his own quirks, talents and style into his new track, he is not afraid to be experimental or get weird when it comes to expressing himself and getting others to bask in that same freedom.

Fun, yet reflective, the lyrics speak to anyone who has ever felt like they were on the outside looking in. Instead of letting this feeling unsettle us, ”Normal Sucks” invites listeners to revel in the fact that they see life from a different vantage point.


Multi-racial, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, singer, slam poet, producer and activist, Sugi Dakks’ music reflects a fluid individual not of any one mold, but rather an avid participant of many practices and lifestyles; all flow like a river to an ocean of knowledge and depth that the young artist taps into to fuel his art.

Behind the scenes, Sugi Dakks has also produced releases with Grammy-nominated acts such as Wale and Chika and for commercial TV hit series such as “Power”, “MTV Cribs”, “Love Hip-Hop, Atlanta” and “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

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Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Sugi Dakks, make sure to visit his website and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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