Baba Jenkins’ Music Video “Slow Motion” Helps Raise Money to Feed the Homeless, Los Angeles Show Dates Coming Up

Baba Jenkins 2022

Los Angeles based blues group Baba Jenkins are using music as a vehicle for tangible change in the lives of others, especially those facing hardships. Rallying around Sharing Love With Others, a nonprofit taking care of and feeding over 400 homeless people on Skid Row every Saturday in downtown Los Angeles, the band’s latest music video for their single “Slow Motion” features the organization in action and calls for others to support their cause as well.


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A beautiful, slow and somber tune, “Slow Motion” is soft and caressing, ushering you gently into its rich melody before picking up midway to have a little more pep. With encouraging lyrics and smooth vocals, “Slow Motion” is a call to action to live your life and to foster positive human connection.

The song’s music video features Sharing Love With Others as they serve food, connect with the community and generally spread positivity in a tough place. After the song ends the video continues, with Baba Jenkins actualizing their message by directly addressing members of Sharing Love With Others, donating $400 to the organization and having them share their social media and donation info for others to join in on the love. Baba Jenkins also donates a percentage of all sales generated from albums, CD’s and merchandise to the organization.


Baba Jenkins releases their debut album later this year. They will also be performing three Los Angeles shows over the next few months including: July 30 at Molly Malone’s; Aug. 13 at The Mint; and their album release party on Sept. 23 (location TBD). Tickets for upcoming performances will be available soon.

Baba Jenkins formed at the height of the pandemic when Guy (guitar) began searching online through hundreds of profiles to find well-credentialed musicians with a passion for blues music and a desire to make a positive impact on the world. After searching for several months, he had connected with Rone (vocals), Ekko (drums) and Kerwin “Skooter” Williams (bass) to bring the band to fruition in February, 2021. Together, the group makes music that speaks to the heart and soul, not so much bound by any one genre, but taking influence from many different sources of sound to capitalize on their altruistic natures.

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All four band members are fathers, a common threat that sparked half of the band’s name, “Baba” which means father in many languages. The group added Jenkins to their name as homage to Bobo Jenkins, a little-known American blues singer-songwriter and guitarist out of Detroit in the 1950s.

Since forming, Baba Jenkins have released three tracks with more music, human connection and giving back to continue.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Baba Jenkins, make sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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