Cosmo Gold get abducted by aliens in new single/video for “Let Go (Just a Little)”

Cosmo Gold

Euphoric pulsating pop is at the center of Cosmo Gold’s latest single “Let Go (Just a Little),” a kind of swirling electronica of frenetic blips and beeps. It’s the second release to come from the band’s forthcoming debut Krong and a further introduction to the trippy world they’re building around it.

Dia De Los Deftones

Abduction by ancient extraterrestrials serves as the premise for the single’s music video, which was directed by and stars lead singer Emily Gold. In it, she sits as two beings unveil the secrets of the cosmos to her mind and trippy visuals melt away at the video’s visual sanity.

The analogy of alien abduction fits the song’s theme of letting go as a form of release. “I wanna follow the leader / Relinquish control,” she confesses against the song’s jubilant electronic noisiness. Gold’s crystalline trill oscillates as she spells out the song’s chorus in a trance-like state.


“ICYMI last month we were abducted by ancient aliens, called Golods. We were scared at first but they’re pretty cool actually and just wanna teach us the secrets of their universe. The first lesson they want us to share with you is to ‘L E T G O (just a little).'”

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Watch the video for Cosmo Gold’s new single “Let Go (Just a Little)” below!

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