Nikki Paige is back with a new single/video “Important”

Nikki Paige

Nikki Paige’s new single “Important” gets at the heart of what she has learned in her two decades as a singer/songwriter. First signed to Warner at 11 years old as a writer, she soon realized the music industry wasn’t everything it was played up to be. Since then she’s been releasing a steady stream of pop bangers created in the aftermath of Paige taking a step back to really examine why she wanted to make music.


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“Important,” with its galloping percussion and frenetic beats, expounds what Paige discovered in her self-reflection. The song’s lyrics and title are drawn from the idea that Paige feels unimportant just like everyone else around her, which leads to intense loneliness. But on “Important” she makes the case that the realization we all feel like this sometimes offers a glimmer of hope. Either as a means to reach out to one another or as one to let go of the people who don’t value you as important.


The music video for “Important,” directed by Corey Smith, captures all the glam of Paige’s artistry and the song’s themes exquisitely. It opens first with a young Paige in her bedroom as she builds out of cardboard a time machine, which she then uses to jump into the future, one dominated by glow-in-the-dark hues.

“We all have our inner battles. That voice. That makes us CRAZY,” she pens onto the inside of the box before emerging in 2022. There she loses herself in a bottle, surrounded by a near-endless party with trippy visuals and weird futurism, before crashing into the desert landscape she can be seen wandering throughout the video. It almost gets real dour before Paige reappears holding a painted portrait of her badly injured body and letting it drop.

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Listen to Nikki Paige’s new single “Important” below

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