Atta Boy
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Armed with jaunty guitars and an infectiously passionate melancholy, Atta Boy has returned with a new single and lyric video for “Boys.” Led by earnest croons of singer Eden Brolin, the group is comprised of Dashel Thompson on piano, Freddy Reish on guitar, and Lewis Pullman pummeling on drums. At its core though “Boys” is an intense introspection on the band itself — its tangle of relationships and individuals with their own dreams and fears.


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“It’s truly a snapshot of our friendships with each other and our commitment to growing up together as a band and friends,” Reish explained. “All of us traversing new milestones and hurdles knowing that in the end we always have each other to lean on.”

“Boys,” with its buoyant riffs and Brolin’s crystalline vocals, almost betrays its hidden bleakness. But ultimately it’s bittersweet and reflective of life and the evolution of longtime friendships. For Atta Boy, the group has remained tight-knit friends since high school. And in a lot of ways the track is a momentous celebration of the importance of platonic love is to all of us as human beings.

The lyric video for the track, created by Pullman, accentuates those ideas with its loving hand-written-note style. As the track catapults through doldrums with dizzying gusto, the writing keeps scribbling in step with the song’s melody. “Boys” is also the first single since the release of Atta Boy’s second album Big Heart Matters and their debut Out of Sorts.

Listen to Atta Boy’s new single “Boys” below!

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