Amber Ryann shares a new single with the release of frantic rocker”Fall Apart”

Amber Ryann - Photo by Alex Cobain
Amber Ryann – Photo by Alex Cobain

Los Angeles singer/songwriter and producer Amber Ryann is back, this time sharing a feverish rock in the form of “Fall Apart.” Fusing her love of frenetic 2000s emo and hardcore the new track is a high-octane, anxiety-saturated attempt to reconcile the moments when your life appears to “crumble around you.”

Against jittery percussion and rushing riffs, Ryann does her best to rally against the emotional fallout that follows any tragedy or life-shattering event. But despite the meteoric devastation, she doesn’t lose sight of hope throughout “Fall Apart.” As the song’s delirium of kinetic rock is a plentiful source of conviction that things will get better if you persist.


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“Gotta get up shake it off and get even,” she drills into herself at the beginning of the song. In “Fall Apart,” Ryann peers through the flames consuming her life and the ruinous aftermath to find something to focus her perseverance on.

“While writing ‘Fall Apart’ I was able to explore and embrace my alternative rock roots,” Ryann said. “I’ve learned more than ever it’s easy to function and thrive in moments of greatness but the ultimate test is what you make out your circumstances even when life seems to crumble around you.”

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Ryann has also spent time cultivating a platform for fellow queer BIPOC fans and rising artists via live streams and curated playlists called Underrated Artist Season. Keep an eye out for more singles and a full-length album coming soon!

Listen to Amber Ryann’s new single “Fall Apart” below!

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Visit Amber Ryann’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

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