Shy Lennox

Shy Lennox continues to make a name for himself and his alt-R&B manifestations with his newest single “Energy.” Subdued but deeply intimate the track traces the artist’s attempts to reconcile the end of a relationship with his feelings of longing and eviscerating heartbreak. Over buoyant beats and glowing guitars, Lennox narrates all the emotional casualties suffered while trying to love someone that just was never there for him.

“You threw away my sense of love and romance energy,” he glumly admits. On “Energy,” Lennox illustrates the way unhealthy relationships leave you feeling drained, a shallow husk of the person you were before. And that obviously has an effect on not only how you perceive future relationships but also yourself. “I think I might be better off alone just being me,” Lennox offers as a possible solution, emblematic of the fear and doubt that now swirls through his head.

But there’s an undeniable beauty to Lennox’s heart-wrenching confessionals. “Energy” is just one example of the sonic minimalism he uses to mask the emotional and melodic complexity of his sound. His previous single “Mary (Freestyle)” meanders sublimely through lush beats and gloaming keys, while his debut EP Wish U Best expands his subtle alt-R&B with elements of classic hip-hop, electronica, and free-form jazz. Go check out the numerous singles Lennox has released in the last few years, including his first hit “Afterblunts” and “Wishing Well.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to Shy Lennox’s new single “Energy” below!