Annabel Lee shows her wild side on new single and video “Alas, I’m A Lady”

Annabel Lee

Los Angeles rock artist Annabel Lee has a fiery new single and video out now titled “Alas, I’m A Lady.” With its explosive orchestral movements and escalating strums, the track is another high-octane piece from the singer/songwriter. At its core, the song tries to reconcile the trappings Lee recognizes in being a lady, wrestling with the constant muzzling of her feelings and spirit. Channeling measured bits of Fiona Apple-level ecstatic and melodic change-ups, “Alas, I”m A Lady” is filled with crescendos that stop just short of completion.


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“I wish that I could show you how I’m feeling,” she roars over the swelling distortion. Across the song, Lee gives voice to her frustration, expressing all the things she wishes she could without feeling some sense of reproach or regret because of the expectations levied on her. But her wishes, though powered by pummeling percussion and her own stirring wails, disperse. “Alas, alas, alas, I’m a lady,” she concedes. But the pent-up need to express the full extent of who she is finds some catharsis in the song’s anthemic finale.


The music video for “Alas, I’m A Lady,” directed by Iv├ín Ovalle, was created in whirlwind circumstances that match the song’s essence. Not to mention its raging and switch-footing energy. Lee appears as conductor of a small group of musicians, which starts out innocently enough until her measured performance turns into a wild-eyed show. At first, the group is thrown off and a little terrified of Lee’s tempestuous conducting. But eventually, even they are swept into her intoxicating showmanship and soon the whole group is thundering along to the song’s no-holds-barred sound.

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the video for Annabel Lee’s new single “Alas, I’m A Lady” below!

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