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Get ready because Los Angeles soul-trio Gabriels have finally announced their incoming debut album Angels & Queens, sharing its future-funk tinted title track. The new album will also be released in two parts with the first due out on Sep. 30 via Elektra Records. Comprised of gospel singer Jacob Lusk, producer and keyboardist Ryan Hope, and producer-composer-violinist Ari Balouzian, the Gabriels have been working up a fervor since the released a pair of stellar EPs last year (Bloodline and Love and Hate in a Different Time).


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On “Angels & Queens” the group bring that same rhapsodic blend of vintage rock-soul to the forefront. In just the opening seconds Lusk weaves richly orotund vocals around the snap of a heady bass — but then the whole thing rises via a gleaming crescendo of piano keys and rapt harmonies. As the song progresses, Lusk’s powerful cries and the song’s excessively body-snatching grooves increase in clarity. Which makes the final minute or so of “Angels & Queens” easily the most beatific — Lusk’s vocals becoming a crystalline clarion call that’s left resounding in your ear after every play through.

As the first single and title track, “Angels & Queens” touches on some of the themes central to Gabriels upcoming album. On it the trio take turns trying to put into words their own unique reconciliations with both finding love and losing it. “Angels & Queens” though takes a euphoric and intimate look at the kind of transformational experience that love can have on a person. “I can conquer anything / I don’t need nothing but your love and time,” Lusk sings— his words shimmering in the cascading path of the song’s joyous finale.

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“Our debut album Angels & Queens is a unique exploration of love and loss from each of our differing perspectives,” the band said of the album. “We were planning to release our album next year, but got the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most amazing people who initially were strangers, but within weeks became family in the most mind blowing process.”

Gabriels new album Angels & Queens is out Sep. 30 via Elektra Records, pre-order it here.

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to Gabriels new single “Angels & Demons” below!

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