Formed in South Central, Los Angeles just last year duo PODEROSA have released a string of singles culminating in the recent release “Funeral.” As created by Juan Pablo Guevara and Brandon Reyes — who both serve as producers and songwriters for the project — the music of PODEROSA is the inevitable progression of the many genres that have sat at the heart of Latin/Central American music scenes in the city. Their music is a hypnotic mixture that combines the haunting atmospherics of dark-wave, the erratic rhythmic spirit of post-punk and even trip-hop, and an invigorating dose of rock anthemics.


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Take the band’s third single “Funeral,” a smoldering and moody track that edges forward via their off-kilter bars (which range from gravelly shouts to near-whispers) and a wave of frenetic percussion. Amidst hollow drum beats, grumbling bass lines, and a single guitar looping sublimely in the background even on a slow-burner like this PODEROSA remain gripping.

Their first single “Amor Armado” introduced them to the world with synth-cascading sonics and a penchant for bleak-saturated electronica. Then their follow-up “Nubes Oscuras” upped the ante sounding like an 80s new wave midnight player from a long-lost band whose cassette or vinyl you just dusted off. It’s here that the duo’s ecstatic punk sensibilities burst forth as throaty shouts while synthesizers beam radiantly in zig-zags around the song’s concussive bass. Keep an ear out for more new music by PODEROSA!

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to the new song “Funeral” by PODEROSA below!

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