Them Fantasies

Los Angeles trio Them Fantasies have shared a new single and music video with “Billionaires,” a tongue-in-cheek mockery of the modern phenomena of earthly fat cats seeing dollar signs in the stars. The band is no stranger to finding ways to enmesh its slyly good-natured satire with infectiously energetic alt-pop, as they did on their debut album Caffeine Queen. For their latest track Them Fantasies kicks up the sarcasm while also dialing in far more critically of their titular target — laying their mockery on as thick as the song’s shuddering anthemics.

Over elastic electronica beats and spacey synths, the trio heaps their faux praise for grubby rich men clawing for a chance to turn space travel into commercial profit. Disguising their criticisms behind the kind of club-bumping hype track that might at first seem to approve of such hustle-minded, capitalistic fervor. “Now money makes a CEO a spaceman Selling our security to see the stars,” they bite. “I wanna be as high as these billionaires in space / Sell out the sky like these billionaires in space.” There’s even a Spanish flamenco flair to the whining guitars that sizzle throughout “Billionaires,” a result of the half-year the band spent living in the country.

In the music video for “Billionaires,” directed by Marisa Gérardin, the comical bent of Them Fantasies song is on full display. The video opens with the three bandmates — Dominic Cannarella, Eric McCoy, and Max Meizlish — just chilling on the sofa before becoming instantaneous billionaires. They start sneezing money and drinks just appear in their hands and suddenly they’re in space suits fighting over the key for a brand new Tesla.

“We drew inspiration from the space race between Bezos, Musk, and Branson,” the band explained. “It’s unthinkable that Billionaires feel there’s nothing else to accomplish on earth, so the only higher place they can go is space. We felt that this was a phenomenal topic to write about and rip into…Honestly, at the end of the day. Fuck space billionaires.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for the new single “Billionaires” from Them Fantasies below!