Brood Over Summer with the New EP from Dre’es “Your Summer With Me” 


Los Angeles-based artist and MC Dre’es has released his latest EP in the form of Your Summer With Me, a six-track collection that delves into his twilight summer set period of self-discovery. Since the release of his debut Swamp 00 back in 2019 he’s been steadily dropping singles here and there. Honing a sound that effortlessly blends the most emotionally captivating pieces of hip-hop and alt-R&B into energized tracks.

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That kineticism — lyrical and melodic — is one of the defining elements of Your Summer With Me. Even at his most somber album opener “Vespa,” where Dre’es comes to terms with the hardest part of growth and self-discovery (i.e. realizing not everyone is going to want to go down that path with you), there is no shortage of glimmering electronica to keep you afloat. While on “Pure Sugar” he pays devoted homage to the ride or dies amidst concussive beats.


The EP’s second half slows down a bit to deepen the intimacy of Dre’es’ introspections. Be that within the cavernous soundscape of “Nickles & Diamonds” (feat. PONTIAC) where he broods in tender allure, or on “Iso,” an explicit run-through of his road up to this point. Battling intense isolationism and tempering them with big dreams impossible to sink: “When Kendrick got that Grammy and Tyler did too / It felt like damn I’m next wait for my debut.”

At the center of Your Summer With Me is a person recommitting to the hard work of self-growth and an artist redefining the individuality that’s brought them this far. And the anthemic finale in “Blue Spirit,” a bass-rumbling and heady electronica rager, encapsulates Dre’es ardent revitalization.


Your Summer With Me was the process of finding what it means to be me in every way. Sonically, visually and most important, internally. On the surface, lyrically, I’m processing confusion due to the circumstance of me and a former lover but after making it and listening to it, I can hear me attempting to navigate through confusion in every part of my life. Your Summer With Me isn’t perfect but it’s real. It’s my inner dialogue and emotions projected into song. With the help of executive producer, PONTIAC we created 6 songs that swing between a silent, hollow void and an intense, chaotic destructive storm.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to Your Summer With Me the new EP from Dre’es.

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