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Michigan duo Cal in Red has shared a music video for their new song “Replay (Lounge),” a radiantly melancholic track that serves as a preview for their upcoming sophomore EP On The Dance Floor. For about two years brothers Connor and Kendall Wright have been peddling out their yearning, retro-tinted, and lushly emotive indie-pop. Named after the duo’s younger brother for his fascination with red t-shirts, Cal in Red creates simmering odes to youthful nostalgia.


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On their latest single “Replay (Lounge),” the duo paints an illustrious image of bittersweetness — one that’s bathed in their particular neon gloom. Over the surge of drum machine and glittering synths, their shared vocals cut through the fog as they narrate what they called “a tale of camaraderie that’s all dressed up to dance.”

At its core, the song is about seeing someone from your childhood — someone you were once so close to — and the way that moment can send your mind into replay mode. “It takes me back / To the scene / I press replay it hits me like a dream,” they sing against the tumult of oscillating rhythms and glowing melodics. From its sublime horn solo to the duo’s euphonious croons, “Replay (Lounge)” captures that very specific feeling of sadness and bliss that rushes through you in such moments.

The music video for “Replay (Lounge)” tries to recreate visually those somber tones and emotions. Surrounded by the ghostly glow of blue and purple lights, Cal in Red gives an intimate little show as they take turns performing in front of the camera, at different times even assisting off-camera by holding a drum or mirror up for the other. It’s a playful little video that hinges on the sheer anthemics of the band’s music — but it also kind of teases their live show personalities a bit.

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Cal in Red tour

10/22 – The Stray w/ Steve Leaf – Grand Rapids, MI
12/10 – Pyramid Scheme w/ Devin Hopwood – Grand Rapids, MI
3/22-26 – Treefort Music Festival – Boise, Idaho

Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Replay (Lounge)” the new single from Cal in Red below!

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