Indigo De Souza Runs Away From Adolescence on New Single “Younger & Dumber” off Upcoming Album “All of This Will End”

Indigo De Souza 2023 press photo
Photo by Angella Chloe

In just five years, indie rock singer-songwriter Indigo De Souza already has two albums under her name and is preparing to release her forthcoming release All of This Will End. Starting with lead single “Younger & Dumber,” Indigo finds herself standing at a crossroads between the past and the present. She looks back on her former thought process without embellishment, treading familiar ground while serving as a breakthrough in her songwriting. The accompanying music video directed by Indigo herself visualizes the adolescent musings of the lyrics through splices of home videos from her childhood. On top of a supporting slot on Sylvan Esso’s US tour including an LA date at the Greek Theatre, it’s evident that Indigo is looking to make 2023 a formative moment in her career.


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From the opening piano guiding Indigo’s voice throughout the track, there’s a clear sense of vulnerability harkening back to that sensitivity felt in between adulthood and childhood. Alongside the careful strumming of a sole acoustic guitar, the music propels weight to every lyric Indigo sings. It’s why lines like “I don’t feel at home in this town” hit harder with the backing instruments carrying her already powerful voice with gravitas.


The visuals similarly hit close to home, with Indigo dancing while on mushrooms as the video cuts back to glimpses of her childhood. It’s an unapologetically eclectic video strengthened by the eccentric costumes designed by her mother, who’s an integral part of her career thus far and can be seen in the home videos at the end.

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When speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Indigo said “When you’re young, you don’t know any better, but you learn from your experiences, and then you become somebody who’s been alive and learning.” Within the short time of her career, Indigo has evolved with each passing album. She consistently reaches past what’s expected of an indie rock musician, executing her vision with little to no similarity between her and her peers.


Words: David Sosa

“Younger & Dumber” by Indigo De Souza is out on all streaming services. You can keep in touch with Indigo on her Instagram, Twitter, and website. To see Indigo on her LA tour stop with Sylvan Esso on August 31 at the Greek Theatre, tickets are available now.

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