Stream the Woozy New Single From Los Angeles’ Lazy Daze “Please Stay”

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Los Angeles-based Lazy Daze has shared their first new single of the year with the release of “Please Stay,” a woozily loving but bittersweet track. After releasing their debut EP Pitted in 2021, which was written during quarantine and followed the artist’s move from their home in Cincinnati to the west coast, they followed up in 2022 with two stellar singles. Creating ruminating and cavernously sonic surf-rock from songs like “High” and “Lay Low.”


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Originally, Lazy Daze had no plan to share “Please Stay,” which they had created way back in 2017. But with some help from recording/mixing engineer Coleman Williams and manager Jeff Buckley, he was able to find a version of the song that synced with his current vision. Like previous releases, the track is saturated in the dim grumble of guitars and heady percussion that drive its anxiously earnest melody.

Behind a wall of sonorously melancholic riffs Lazy Daze drones on romantically and pleadingly — it’s the kind of song bathed in an oddly potent nostalgia. It also underscores all the elements that make his music so thrilling to listen to: from his deadpan vocals and driving melody to the delirium of emotion that radiates from within.


With its still intoxicating surf-rock textures, “Please Stay” conjures up scenes of quickly fading beach sunsets at dusk and the swell of oceanic emotion that lies beyond. At times Lazy Daze’s vocals appear almost vaporous and it should be appreciated just how alluring the tangle of sublime tones he creates is. Though the track would be just as incomplete with his warm vocals enveloping in the background, singing about the dizzying ways desire and passion can take hold.

Lazy Daze announced the track on Instagram: “What a beautiful day to release my first song of the year! Wrote this back in ‘17 never really thought it would be released but thanks to jack and cole we were able to turn it into a modern day bop. A nice lil’ chiller for y’all, please enjoy!!”

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Please Stay” the new single from Lazy Daze below!

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