Artists You Should Know: Baby Rose is More Than Just a Deep and Dynamic Voice on New Single “Stop The Bleeding”

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Although she’s one of the most exciting singers in the R&B world, North Carolina’s Baby Rose embodies what made early soul talents so distinctly passionate on the new single for her upcoming album, “Stop The Bleeding.” Thanks to the visuals for the latest chapter leading to her April 28 album, Through and Through, the jarring difference between Baby Rose and her surprisingly deep voice is punctuated as she reflects on childhood. The song is a meditation on the passage of time and a seemingly grim cycle here to remind us how the days are all the same. Rose, who thus far is more often heard over sheen R&B production alongside various members of J. Cole’s Dreamville, trades it out in favor of a grander and fuller sound marked by operatic strings and dramatic piano playing.


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As cinematic as its music video, “Stop The Bleeding” expands Baby Rose’s reach creatively. The switch to violins and a solemn piano certainly helps, but it also feels much more appropriate for her voice than some of her standout features and calls back to her beginnings as a pianist. Throughout the track, the strings play in a clockwork manner, appropriate for both the subject matter and the feeling of something big coming further up a towering mountain. Ultimately, the instruments surround the vocals and emphasize what’s already a dynamic performance from Rose.


And it’s not without intention. The music video depicts Baby Rose performing in an empty venue as the time switches between her current self and her beginning as a child at age 12. Though she was born in Washington, D.C., she was raised in North Carolina and honed in on her musical capabilities by recording songs in local studios. The years worth of training and creating music paid off, as Baby Rose herself stuns as a singer and self-assured artist confident in their vision.

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Words: David Sosa

“Stop The Bleeding” by Baby Rose is on all streaming services. For more info on tour dates and her upcoming album, visit Rose on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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