Portraits of Tracy Gets Lost In “The Afterparty” On Dreamily Funky New Single

Photo via Portraits of Tracy

Louisiana rapper Portraits of Tracy is back with a new track “The Afterparty” and if you weren’t yet a fan of this exciting new artist then you’re about to be. Wielding fiery instrumental crescendos and dazzling via his emotionally incisive bars, he creates the kind of rapt genre amalgamations that stand out as exceptionally original. Over the course of the last two years, they’ve also been incredibly busy. Releasing two back-to-back albums in the form of his debut Regardless and decidedly explosive sophomore return The Misadvice of Junie.


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Now Portraits of Tracy (a.k.a. Couren Bowman) is gearing up for the release of their forthcoming third album and “The Afterparty” is his latest avant-garde masterpiece. With every release, Bowman gives flooring reminders of his prowess as a rapper and producer. Each song feels like a measured lesson in building and releasing emotion. “The Afterparty” is no different, opening with a lush flurry of piano keys that Bowman sings raspily over. “Goodbye, to a love once dared,” he croons. Wrapping himself in a lush melancholy that uses the image of a party long dead to dig into other emotional goodbyes and heartaches.


As Bowman’s words become enraptured, layering themselves in harmonies over one another, more instrumentals start to emerge from the shadows. Just as he begins to question everything a surge of guitar strums and dreamy synth tones inflate the previously stripped melody into something ethereal. And then in come a crashing of drums and sizzling electric guitar solos and the whole track erupts into a deliciously virulent spiral that leaves you breathless. If “The Afterparty” is any one thing it’s a reassurance of Portraits of Tracy’s skill in producing fervid tracks that you’ll find impossible to not be exhilarated by.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “The Afterparty” the new single from Portraits of Tracy below!

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