Brookelyn Rose Makes Country Debut With A Sauntering Ode To Self-Confidence On New Single “Sour Candy”

brookelyn rose
Brookelyn Rose by Juan Brea

Philadelphia-born Brookelyn Rose has unveiled her first foray into country music with the release of “Sour Candy,” which also serves as the lead single from her forthcoming debut EP. It’s also the first piece of new music the singer/songwriter has shared in recent years. Rose started releasing songs back in 2017 that leaned more toward piano-led power ballads, revealing her stunning vocal abilities and a habit for writing affecting lyrics to go along with them. But her latest single signals a pivot towards more dusty rock interwoven with her ear for resplendent pop hooks — lending her deeply personal words a far more anthemic stage to burn brightly on.


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“Sour Candy” hitches itself to a clamoring mass of twanging guitars and driving percussion. Rose uses the raw acoustics to mirror the song’s attempt to accentuate the empowering ways she as a woman wields all her dualities to her benefit. At its core, the song is about unmasking herself — removing the guise of sweetness and compliance she wears every day in order to reveal the formidable individual underneath.

Mingling an invigorating affirmation of feminine strength with playfully seductive lyricism, “Sour Candy” ends up being an anthem for an unabashed expression of self-love filtered through torrid desire. “Sour candy crunch on me my pretty little serpentine,” Rose coos against the jagged glow of riffs. “I’ve got you crawling on your knees / Now lemme hear you beg and plead.”


“Sour Candy” also comes with a music video (which drops on Mar. 24) that properly visualizes Rose’s country rock fixation. Filmed at what looks like an abandoned chapel somewhere in the desert, it sees the artist performing the song within its stagnantly beautiful confines. Wearing a white cowboy hat she dances up and down the aisles and pews — even up where the altar would be betwixt two colorful stain-glass windows. Like she’s leading some invisible congregation in a fiery lesson on how to truly be comfortable enough in your own skin to tap into the power such confidence offers. While also underscoring the way in which it’s important not to let other people take advantage of your perceived empathy and kindness.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Sour Candy” the new single from Brookelyn Rose below!

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