Artists You Should Know: Kate Brunotts Issues Challenge On Thrumming Pop Banger “Catch Me If You Can” (feat. Ratchet Racer)

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Right now Brooklyn-based Kate Brunotts is flying just below the radar but if there’s any indication that won’t be the case for long it’s their latest single “Catch Me If You Can” (feat. Ratchet Racer). Taking cues from other dark-pop-wielding artists like Grimes, FKA Twigs, and Lorde to create similarly cavernous and hypnotic alt-electronica soundscapes. From the release of her very first EP Grounded back in 2018, she’s been honing her powerfully anthemic expression through prolific creation. Releasing single after single until Brunott had three EPs under her belt and a debut album Womb that revealed the ecstatic culmination of the previous four years.


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“Catch Me If You Can” finds Brunotts descending into far more hyperactively pop waters. Amidst the crushingly heady weight of massive bass hits and dizzying electronica, her voice slices through twisted into these ethereal cries before dropping down to a breathy murmur. And all throughout Brunotts channels this sly swagger that’s built into the track’s thrumming sonics.

“Talk that talk but you’ll never rise above me,” she drones on the beat-laden opening. “I’m on a bullet bike and you just copped the goo-goo buggy.” Zooming through the neon-blur of kinetics that fill “Catch Me If You Can” it’s clear the challenge is a moot point: Brunotts is untouchable. Spanish multi-hyphenate Ratchet Racer joins Brunotts on the track as well, lending her Spanish-English bars to its warp-speed pop hooks.


The new song also comes with a music video directed by Matt Yaple which envisions a suitably futuristic visual for “Catch Me If You Can.” Aglow beside vibrant lasers and speeding through tunnels Brunotts appears in sunglasses atop her bike gliding at top speed through the video’s array of purple and blue-toned lights. When Ratchet Racer finally makes it onscreen the video starts to echo the 90s with its dreamily projected backgrounds that she appears singing in front of — all while continuing to cut back to shots of Brunott gunning it on her bike.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Catch Me If You Can” the new single from Kate Brunotts below!

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